Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Your webcashmotor your motor-for-savings

Getting wealth out of the Classic Economy

How you get your own webcashmotor for the money datevaluation practice ?  

Go to WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web  and fill the form proposed to register for free delivery of your personal webcashmotor.

The WUW will register for free your webdevice which will be delivered as soon as possible.

When you receive the confirmation for your WUW account called webcashaccount you may upload your webcashmotor which is an iconed program enabling your mobile (Mousephone, PCs or others 4G3W)into 4G3W Economy
Then by exciting the icon you give your orders (like when you charge a mobile) for the datevaluation of 10€uros parcels of your bank money for shifting it into personalised money with the creation of webdated live-savings parcels 10€uros each and called Owndated Webquantum living on your webcashaccount as WUW registered assets of your ownership. 

Datevaluation is your new economic practice to purchase daily cash results and webcashmatic plusvalues in cashkeeping mode. The datevaluation practice is the first investment's substitute to reach plusvalues in cash phasis. Datevaluation works by the creation of a personalised link money-to-money. 
It means a link between each of your live-savings parcels (keeped cash to share-cash-production-sharing-cash-results)and the cash production anchor called Universocial_Cash_Fund.

Your credit asset in Classic Economy changes in a property asset ( yours Owndated Webquantum)running the web into Economy 4G3W.

First of all, your live-savings (your 10€uros parcels of personalised money)in OWs properties asset are running for plusvalues which are webcashmatic plusvalues generated by your owned timestock trading at the Timestock_Owned_Market.

Now, when running the web, the overall cash production is going on more and more and day after day at 12h the New York WUW Cash Multiplier where each Owndated Webquantum has the right to share multiplied cash results.  

The webcashmotor is a software for your personal free economic webware. 
It is a program to increase your personal economic performance. You need your own webcashmotor to resolve the dilemma of the Classic Economy, where you cannot purchase wealth if do not accept a risk and if you do not accept to shift your cash into your property of production factors.In cash away mode the investment's practice is for experts in risk control and even them kaput so many times. 

For normal people we need to do 3 on 1 in cashkeeping mode. So we get it with the money datevaluation. 
Just linking money-to-money by webcashmotor. Creating personalised money and webpowered live-savings. 
For general wellbeing.

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