Sunday, March 3, 2013

What is the solution for your better economic options

What is the problem of your limited option in Classic Economy ?

The problem is a systemic one. That is why to resolve we have to arrange a better mix with our economic choices when we are looking to satisfy our needs and wants. Yes because at the moment everybody is limited to act at the inside of the Classic Trilema :

1. If you spend money for enjoy and life, you cannot save, it neither invest that money ;

2. If you save money for your security, you cannot invest, neither spend that money ;

3. If you invest for reproduction, you cannot save neither spend that money for needs. And people, me and you, we have to decide day after day, producing an overall blind result in reason of the contradictory instrumentation of the structure of our World Economy.

The problem is :

3. When we think about investment acts, we see that this is for experts. And in any case we would have to survey mistakes and assume all irreversible risks;

2. When we think about savings acts, we see that inflation eats a part of our bread.

1. When we think about consumption acts, we feel that it is the better option. And we accept a bad mix of our economic choices. Because you have no more choices to make better.

Now, do you think that the World Economy may run in good health maintaining an optional structure where folks are confined in choices of acts of consumption ?

So the datevaluation practice on the digital financial web have to be the upgrade we need to resolve for universocial wellbeing. Yes, enter onto digital : Universocial Cash Economy

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